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We studied Kitty's sketches and reviewed with her some photos she had clipped from magazines alongside some photos of  other Artesian Pools.  We captured her ideas and came up with a plan that seemed to reflect the pool that Kitty had imagined.

Then, we actually painted the outline of the pool that we had discussed on the ground at Kitty's house so that she could more easily visualize  how the area would feel with the pool in-place.  We turned these ideas into a working plan and drew up a contract to build Kitty's Artesian Pool.  We then set out to obtain the required permits.

After taking the necessary steps to protect Kitty's existing landscaping, driveway, and other important features of her home, we brought in our heavy equipment to begin the task of excavating the hole which would soon become Kitty's dipping pool.

The soil in pool construction projects can be  hauled away, hauled in, or disposed-of on-site.  Blending the pool into the existing topography helps to maximize the visual balance of any pool setting.

Our Artesian craftsmen installed the reinforcing steel bars (rebar), plumbing, and lighting infrastructure in the pool area according to the engineered plans.


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