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Kitty, a local homeowner, came to Artesian Pools having been referred by a friend, one of our satisfied customers. She had an idea for a very special pool construction project.  Kitty wanted to keep as much of  her patio and existing landscape as possible in-place while adding a dipping pool for herself and her grandchildren to enjoy.  She wanted the new features to blend seamlessly into the existing historical elements present in her home.

This house is over 200 years old, one of the oldest homesteads in Mecklenburg County located in the historic Myers Park community.  On the left of the image, you'll see the original spring house now converted to a cabin-style bedroom with bath and kitchen

The main house is built from hand-fired clay bricks made in the family kiln.  The Spring house was built to protect the naturally surfacing artesian well which supplied the family's water supply and to provide a shady and cool place to relax during the sweltering heat of the Carolina summer.

The brick retaining walls and patio are very much a part of the home's character and history.  The owner felt very strongly that these elements should factor into any design decisions.

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