Click on the image to the left to view the renovation of a traditional rectangular pool to a more natural design freeform pool.

The customer's property above was situated on a steep incline.

Often, very difficult conditions yield the most attractive pools.   Extensive geo-scaping with new stone masonry blended with the existing stone retaining walls, produced a stunning new pool that flowed seamlessly into the landscape.


A Renovation Project

The owner of a 40 year old swimming pool, a master gardener, wanted a pool which complemented her gardening activities and was more in keeping with her sense of style.

 Minimizing demolition is always a primary consideration in a major renovation; this design was no exception. Our skilled craftsmen demolished the existing deck, using the old concrete as engineered fill for the diving well of the old pool.

We constructed a form directly atop the pre-existing swimming pool which was now filled.

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